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We’re Back!!!
Monday 21st August
starting at 7.30 pm
Featuring Ministox, F2’s, Bangers and Production Rods

(spectator gates open at 7 pm)









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Season tickets available from either entrance gates
Adults- 100    Kids/OAP’s- 50

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All current rules and regs, fixture list, licence forms and 2017 newsletter is now on. Click Rules & Regs to download now

PLEASE NB: We WILL NOT be holding the Brisca F2 T.T. this year, race dates have been included on the Brisca F2 Fixture list by mistake.

However visiting Formula 2 drivers are welcome to race in the Formula 2 Manx Open Championship which will be held over three meetings :- Monday 24th, Thursday 27th, and Saturday 29th July.



Report 14th August 2017


Tonights meeting was kindly sponsored by Mann Construction LTD


Monday night’s stockcar meeting was sponsored by Mann Construction LTD and it certainly was one of the wettest so far this year, but that didn’t stop the crowd coming along and supporting their favourite drivers.


20891587_10159091246885368_1972003815_nStarting off proceedings was the 1st Choice Windows Ministox. In race 1 Ted Davis dominated the lead over championship leader Harry Watson until lap 5 when Watson saw the gap and left Davis to soak up the wet spray from his car. Close racing between the rest of the field saw the positions changing between Jack Dobson, Pemma Nissanka, and Josh Watson throughout the race. New comer Jake Hooper drove exceptionally well holding a good steady line around the very wet track. Top 3 from Race 1 results were Harry, Ted and Jack. In Race 2 Nissanka got a good start but with Harry Watson hot on his tail he couldn’t hold him off for long. Contact between Davis and Dobson pushed Dobson wide leaving the door open for Ted to sneak through but there was no catching Harry who led the rest of the race with a comfortable lead. Results for Race 2 were Harry, Ted and Pemma. By the time Race 3 got underway the track was proving difficult. Ted was determined to claim a victory after taking the early lead from Jack. But Harry wasn’t going to give him an easy win. On the final lap Ted aquaplaned but managed to regain control quickly to take the final chequered flag of the night. The Mann Construction trophies were awarded to Harry Watson 1st, Ted Davis 2nd, Jack Dobson 3rd with Pemma Nissanka taking the Whites & Yellows award. All these young drivers drove very well in very testing conditions and especially our newest and youngest driver of 10yrs old Jake Hooper.








The Mann Construction F2’s only saw 3 cars out on track. 2017 Pepsi Open Championship winner Dougie Kinrade dominated every single race from start to finish leaving Dave Sutcliffe and Kev Hooper to follow his spray around the very soggy track. Results for the F2 races and the Mann Construction Trophies was awarded to Dougie Kinrade, Dave Sutcliffe and Kev Hooper.











The A & J Quality Butchers Bangers saw 7 cars out on track for Race 1. The field soon spread out and no one could seem to catch each other. Ste Collister was drifting around the track in his newly built Honda until lap 4 when he spun putting himself on the grass and unable to get the car going again putting him out for the rest of the meeting. Ashley Harrison was also battling with the wet and a spin from him brought out the waving yellows. James Griffiths took control and managed to lead all 3 races making it a hatrick of wins for him followed by Jason Collister and Steven Guest. The Mann Construction trophies went to James Griffiths 1st, Jason Collister 2nd and Steven Guest 3rd








Onchan Raceway Poduction Rods saw some fantastic battles between Leonie Marchbank and Nick Ford for the top two positions whilst other great battles between Sarah Wass, Robert Hooper, Mike Craine and Paul Craine saw positions for 3rd place continually changing. Tina Quayle, India Cowin and Marie Craine did well to hold their positions throughout in very challenging conditions. Race 1 saw Leonie take the win over Nick with a change of position in Race 2 where Nick lead from start to finish manging to hold off the rest of the pack but in Race 3 Leonie got a taste of victory once again and drove like she owned that track. Overall results and the Mann Construction trophies were awarded to 1st Leonie Marchbank, 2nd Nick Ford and 3rd Rob Hooper with the well-deserved Victory Lane award going to Leonie.




Racing resumes Monday 21st August starting at 7.30pm.


Report 7th August 2017


Tonights meeting was kindly sponsored by JAKS BAR & STEAK HOUSE


Spectators were entertained by fast competitive racing throughout Monday evenings Jaks sponsored stock car meeting.





#777 Jake Hooper having turned 10 years old last week joined the grid with our regular Ministox drivers. #25 Pemma Nissanka led each race, chased hard by the following pack. #51 Ted Davis recorded victories in races 1 and 2. Pemma Nissanka led race 3 until #17 Harry Watson managed to get better drive out of the last bend winning by a few inches at the finish line. Jake Hooper completed all races gaining valuable experience in this well presented green Mini. The Jaks Bar trophies were presented to :- 1st Harry Watson, 2nd Ted Davis, 3rd Pemma Nissanka, who also received the Ministox whites and yellows trophy.









The Formula 2 s were back and so was #358 Mark Hargreaves for this meeting, the racing was good and close, race 1 saw the lead change 3 times in one lap as #7 Kevin Hooper, #503 David Sutcliffe and #164 Dougie Kinrade all led. Dougie won closely followed by Kevin Hooper and David Sutcliffe. Kevin then claimed wins in races 2 and 3, and the meeting overall with Dougie Kinrade 2nd and David Sutcliffe 3rd.









#10 Mike Craine made his season debut in a Ford Focus, the recent re grading changed complexion of the races, #537 Tina Quayle and #22 Nick Ford both led race 1 until #77 Robert Hooper took control as the lap boards were shown. Tina Quayle led all but the last few inches of race 2, Robert Hooper just getting ahead at the finish line. Tina Quayle raced to victory in race 3, building a good lead while the other 8 drivers fought for positions. The Jak’s bar trophies were awarded to :- 1st Robert Hooper, 2nd Tina Quayle, 3rd #28 India Cowin. Tina Quayle was also presented with the Victory Lane Ladies trophy.










#41 Chris Smith made his track debut racing a BMW in the Bangers, a pile up and track blockage on the first lap resulted in a complete restart of race 1. Chris Smith led the first 4 laps until #26 Jason Collister sped past to win ahead of #18 Grant Crellin and #188 Ashley Harrison. Jason Collister made it a hat trick of wins also taking the chequered flag in races 2 and 3. #52 James Griffiths put up good opposition in race 3 but finally settled for 2nd. The Jak’s Bar trophies were presented to :- 1st Jason Collister, 2nd James Griffiths, 3rd Ashley Harrisson.






The next meeting at Onchan Raceway will be on Monday 14th August, start time 7.30pm.


Report 31st July 2017


Tonights meeting was kindly sponsored by JCK LTD



J.C.K. sponsored Monday evenings stockcar meeting, the final meeting of this year’s National Ministox T.T.

20525639_1965875237035581_6968213679975378176_nNational Champion #1 Charlie Guinchard held a slender 2 point lead after Saturday first round, over #381 Tyrone Evans with twin brother Lewis Evans #392 a further point behind. Race 1 saw blue grade drivers #418 Mitchell Driver and #405 Josh Hampstead race well, with the lead changing several times, Mitchell just crossing the line slightly ahead of Josh to take the win. Charlie Guinchard came 3rd with #798 Finn Sargent 4th. Race 2 saw Tyrone Evans overhaul the flying blue to20621005_1965875390368899_3059865839003599285_nps to win from #124 Kyle Gray, Josh Hampstead and Mitchell Driver. Charlie finished 5th. Entering the last race of the series both Charlie Guinchard and Tyrone Evans had scored equal points. The race was led at different stages by Josh Hampstead, Tyrone Evans, Kyle Gray and Finn Sargent. Charlie Guinchard made his way into second place but was put into the barrier and out of the race. Finn Sargent won the 1 lap restart after the race had to be stopped to remove the stricken Charlie Guinchard car. Tyrone Evans finished 2nd with Kyle Gray crossing the line 3rd.


2017 MANN CONSTRUCTION 20525388_1965875987035506_2766833270879226452_nMINISTOX T.T.

1st   # 381 TYRONE EVANS         58 points

2nd   #1    CHARLIE GUINCHARD   49

2nd   #124  KYLE GRAY             49

4th   #392  LEWIS EVANS           43

5th   #405  JOSH HAMPSTEAD       42






#77 Robert Hooper raced to victory in all 3 Production Rod races, behind him the positions changed regularly with #28 India Cowin, #53 Josh Ffrench and #134 Leonie Marchbank all claiming a runners up place. Race 3 had a good close battle withLeonie Marchbank finishing ahead of #59 Sarah Wass and Josh Ffrench. The J.C.K. Trophies were presented to 1st Robert Hooper, 2nd Leonie Marchbank and 3rd India Cowin. Leonie Marchbank also received the Victory Lane Ladies trophy.





Action in the Bangers saw #34 Josh Callin lead race 1 until passed by eventual winner #9 Spud Collister, #420 Colin Clague came 2nd ahead of #188 Ashley Harrison. In race 2, a large pile up on the back straight claimed many of the pack, the race was declared finished with one lap to go with Colin Clague the leader at the time of the stoppage. Spud Collister continued his good form taking the win in race 3 finishing ahead of Ashley Harrison and #146 Scott Farthing.The J.C.K. trophies were awarded to :-1st Spud Collister, 2nd Ashley Harrison, 3rd #26 Jason Collister.


After a hectic week, racing returns to regular Monday evenings throughout August until the 2017 season ends on Sunday 10th September.


Report 29th July 2017


Tonights meeting was kindly sponsored by Mann Construction LTD





Saturday evenings Stockcar race meeting provided fast and furious all action entertainment!

The final leg of the P20375922_10154585804747175_5745009096707965987_nepsi Manx Open Championship saw #2 Anth Burrell from County Durham join the Formula 2 competitors, with 3 points separating 1st and 2nd and just 2 points the difference between 3rd , 4th and 5th, action was guaranteed. #980 James Yule won race 1 from fellow Scot. #480 Garry Sime with #164 Dougie Kinrade 3rd . Garry Sime closing Dougie Kinrades lead to 2 points. Race 2 saw a huge crash involving #184 Aaron Vaight on the last lap, both cars of Aaron Vaight and James Yule were launched airborne. Lancashires Steve Smith#299 won from Garry Sime and Dougie Kinrade with James Yule finishing 4th. The final race of the Manx Open series saw Kinrade lead Sime by one point, both drivers clashed early on, debris on the track from a spectacular crash and spin performed by Yule on the back straight required a complete restart, Sime in a damaged car challenged Kinrade but suffered more damage and retired from the race, #115 Mike Boo18951339_10154585803352175_6045838706899401166_nth clashed with the barrier ending his race on his side which meant another race stoppage to remove his stricken car to safety. The action was so intense only 5 cars completed race distance, Steve Smith won from Dougie Kinrade, #7 Kevin Hooper, #503 David Sutcliffe and #751 Les Smart. With the series points totalled Dougie Kinrade was declared the winner and received the replica Manx Sword of State trophy from Garry Sime in 2nd and James Yule 3rd. The eventful week was completed with the traditional Minty Shield race, cars gridded in a closed grid format Steve Smith led but was hounded by David Sutcliffe who challenged for the lead on the last lap, Smith held on to win and retain the shield having won the race in 2016, and began his victory lap running around the banked track with The Minty Shield and chequered flag held high.




Four heats f20294484_10154585823017175_3271358308583335047_nor the visiting National Ministox drivers ensured that the 1st Round of the MANN CONSTRUCTION MINISTOX T.T. began with very close competitive racing. Race 1 saw #1 Charlie Guinchard win from #381 Tyrone Evans and #405 Josh Hampstead. Race 2 another very competitive event saw leader Charlie Guinchard pushed wide by #392 Lewis Evans, with Charlie out wide Lewis and the chasing pack of cars passed Guinchard on the inside relegating him to joint 5th place crossing the finish line with #798 Finn Sargent the two cars side by side. Lewis Evans won from twin brother Tyrone , #124 Kyle Gray, and #613 Chloe Serpell ( a special mention to Chloe and her family having travelled the furthest to race at Onchan, travelling from their home in Plymouth Devon !) Race 3 saw Josh Hampstead overcome early leader #53 Roger Stansfield, Charlie Guinchard closed Josh down taking the lead to win on the last lap, Josh finished 2nd with Lewis Evans 3rd. Charlie Guinchard made his way from the back of the grid and won race 4, but was closely followed all the way by the Evans twins Lewis ahead of Tyrone and the chasing pack.





Manx Ministox. Ted Davis won all 3 ministox races for our local drivers, but had to work hard chased closely by the other drivers. The Mann Construction trophies were presented to :- 1st Ted Davis, 2nd Harry Watson, 3rd Josh Watson.






Next meeting is Monday 31st July starting at 7.30pm featuring the last round of the National Ministox, Bangers and the Production Rods.


Report 27th July 2017


Tonights meeting was kindly sponsored by The Barbary Coast Grill & Bar




#480 Garry IMG_6158Sime from Scotland won the opening Formula 2 race to close the points gap to current leader #164 Dougie Kinrade who finished 2nd, #299 Steve Smith from Lancashire who had repaired his gearbox damage from Monday’s meeting finished 3rd. Race 2 had to be stopped when Dougie Kinrade, Garry Sime and #545 Paul Fearn tangled, car damage meant Garry Sime retired to the centre. The restarted race was led by #751 Les Smart visiting from County Durham, until Scotlands James Yule #980 powered past taking the win, from Steve Smith and fellow Lancastrian #184 Aaron Vaight. #503 David Sutcliffe led home local drivers #7 Kevin Hooper, and Paul Fearn, followed by Les Smart and Dougie Kinrade who also had car damage. Race 3 saw Les Smart and James Yule both lead until Garry Sime took control just after half distance to win, James Yule finished 2nd with Aaron Vaight 3rd. All receiving the Barbary Coast trophies. Race 4 saw James Yule take another trophy back to Scotland, with Aaron Vaight a close 2nd finishing ahead of Dougie Kinrade.


PEPSI MANX OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP points totals after 2nd Leg.

1st  DOUGIE KINRADE   63 points

2nd  GARRY SIME        61 

3rd  JAMES YULE        57


5th  AARON VAIGHT     55





Regular visitor to Onchan Raceway #53 Roger Stansfield from Clitheroe had a very successful meeting leading each race and scoring points each time, Roger led race 4 until being passed with only two laps to go. #124 Kyle Gray from Northamptonshire raced well to claim a top 3 finish in each race narrowly been passed on the last lap of races 3 and 4 by current Gold top Ministox Champion #1 Charlie Guinchard who made the long journey from Hertfordshire worthwhile claiming victory in all 4 races, but his fellow visitors made him race hard for the wins. This meeting was used to set the cars up to the demanding Onchan track ready for the Sword of State meetings which are held over the 2 meetings Saturday 29th and Monday 31 July, that’s when the sparks will fly !!








#77 Robert Hooper made his way through the pack to claim victory in all 3 Production Rod races ensuring he retained the annual Gold Cup Trophy. #59 Sarah Wass claimed the runner up in each race and the Victory Lane Ladies award, while #28 India Cowin and #134 Leonie Marchbank contested 3rd with good close racing. The Barbary Coast Grill and Bar trophies were presented to :- 1st Robert Hooper, 2nd Sarah Wass, 3rd India Cowin.




Racing resumes again on Saturday 29th July for the final round of the F2’s Open Championship and the 2nd round of the National Ministox T.T. Gates open at 7pm Racing starts 7.30pm.


Report 24th July 2017


Tonights meeting was kindly sponsored by




Drivers from England and Scotland travelled to the Isle of Man to compete with local driver20247860_1147257315421048_4700064546229373015_os to decide the Pepsi Manx Open Championship, held over the next 3 meetings. All races provided fast close racing local driver #545 Paul Fearn won race 1 followed by fellow locals #503 David Sutcliffe and #164 Dougie Kinrade. First time visitor #751Les Smart from County Durham led the early stages of race 2, until passed by Paul Fearn who took his second win followed home by #980 James Yule from Scotland and Dougie Kinrade in 3rd. The 16 lap final saw the lead change several times, the sponsored trophies were presented to :- Dougie Kinrade who won finishing ahead of 2015 and 2016 Champion #480 Garry Sime another visitor from Scotland and David Sutcliffe. Garry Sime took victory in race 4 from Dougie Kinrade and James Yule. Set up changes to #184 Aaron Vaight’s car and a new gearbox in #299 Steve Smith’s car will see even more competition for Thursday’s 2nd Leg.

Top 5 point scorers after 1st Leg.

164 Dougie Kinrade         35 points

480 Garry  Sime           33

545 Paul   Fearn          32

503 David  Sutcliffe        29

980 James  Yule           28



20233036_1147261228753990_8283229442128899721_oOur local 1st Choice Windows sponsored Ministox drivers entertained the spectators with good close competitive controlled racing, each must be congratulated for their driving skills, race 1 was won by #17 Harry Watson slightly ahead of #51 Ted Davis, #27 Josh Watson was a clear 3rd ahead of the duelling pair of #25 Pemma Nissanka and #324 Jack Dobson. Race 2 must be the race of the season so far, with all cars circulating the track bumper to bumper, a slight nudge was all that was required to push the leader wide and a train of following cars would be through, the lead changed almost every lap. Ted Davis won from Jack Dobson and the following pack. Race 3 saw Ted Davis take the victory. The trophies were awarded to 1st Ted Davis, 2nd Harry Watson and 3rd Josh Watson.



A&J Quality Butchers Bangers were competing for the Onchan Commissioners Cup. Ac20232974_1147259575420822_7543480319489767186_otion as soon as the green flag dropped saw chaos all around the raceway, #34 Josh Callin led initially until passed by eventual winner #8 Ste. Collister. #146 Scott Farthing finished 2nd ahead of #71 Steven Guest. Commissioners Cup leader #601 Ashley Faragher was spun out of 3rd place on the last lap and finished out of the points. Race 2 saw more carnage and another win by Ste.Collister with Scott Farthing 2nd and #26 Jason Collister 3rd, Ashley Faragher crashed out so did not add to his points total, meaning that both he and Ste. Collister entered the last race on equal points, Jason Collister was just 1 point behind with #9 Spud Collister a further point behind in 4th. Josh Callin was the early leader until passed by Ashley Faragher who led until Ste. Collister pushed passed taking the win. Faragher finished 2nd ahead of Spud Collister. The trophies were presented to 1st Ste. Collister, 2nd Scott Farthing and 3rd Spud Collister. Ste Collister was awarded the Commissioner Cup scoring just one point more than Faragher.

Specical thanks to Matty Grant of MG Photography for the pictures



Racing continues this Thursday and Saturday for the F2 Manx Open Championship and action from the National Ministox who also compete from Thursday onwards.




2017 marks the 48th year of stock car action at the Onchan Stadium. Building on a very successful 2016 season, interest for 2017 is stronger than ever. We have an eventful season planned with visiting drivers and teams already booked to appear.


The 20Nat minis 317 season starts on Sunday 23rd April 2 pm start, practice from 1.15pm. This meeting is a full points scoring meeting which includes Ministox, Formula 2 stockcars, Bangers and Production Rods.Then racing reverts to the regular Monday evenings from the 1st  May. All evening meetings start at 7.30pm with spectator gates opening at 7pm and practice from 7.15 pm. Two meetings will be held during T.T. practice week, Monday 29th May and Thursday 1st June. Two meetings will be held in T.T. race week, Monday 5th, and Thursday 8th June, Mondays meeting will include the Delivery Drivers Grand Prix a grand title for the fifth staging of a Van Demolition Derby. Prize money and 25 Championship points will be awarded to the last Van mobile. This event has soon established itself as a must not miss meeting. This year 50 start money will be paid to each driver competing, also the RAMP will be added to increase the fun !!! Remember last year’s event, watch the clip on you tube Flying Vans at Onchan Raceway


Sunday 25th June Mid Season Demolition Derby will take place, the winner will be awarded prize money and also 25 championship points, which could influence the season long points championship. The season then takes off in July with the Pepsi sponsored Formula 2 Manx Open Championship held over 3 meetings Monday 24th, Thursday 27th and Saturday 29th July. National Ministox return to contest their Ministox T.T. over three meetings Thursday 27th, Saturday 29th and Monday 31st July. Racing reverts to Monday evenings for the remainder of August. The busy season is brought to an end with the last three meetings of the season Monday 28th August, Monday 4th and Sunday 10th September.


The top point scoring driver over the 3 meetings in the Formula 2s receives the Wilf Blundell Shield, the top point scorer in the Production Rods will be awarded the Dagger of Honour, while the top point scoring Banger driver will receive the Banger Sword of State trophy. The 2017 season will be brought to a close with the traditional End of Season Demolition Derby start time 2pm, again the winner of Image00286the demolition claims money and 25 championship points.


Other events planned for the summer season include :- Go Karts - the season has already started for the arrive and drive Go Karts. Go Karts are open from 10am throughout the summer. Minimotos were successfully introduced a number of years ago, Wednesday evening sessions are held 6 to 9 pm, throughout the summer weather permitting. The Awesome Monster ride truck, is also operating daily, for trips around Onchan Stadium

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