Monday 22nd May Report


This meeting was kindly sponsored by Old Lonan Church Farm Cottages

Monday evening’s stockcar meeting was sponsored by Old Lonan Church Farm Cottages (OLCF).

Racing was cut short due to an accident in the first bangers race which left the safety fence needing repair so all classes had two races each



Harry Watson took the first victory of the evening in the white and yellow top ministox race followed by Josh Watson and Pemma Nissanka. With all grades out on track for race two Pemma look set to take the victory but Harry Watson found a way past on the last lap to take the flag from Nissanka, closely followed by Ted Davis, Jack Dobson, Josh Watson and Jordan Halligan-Bunce. Race 3 saw Jordan take the lead in lap three and hold on to take the win from Ted, Jordan and Jack. The OLCF trophies were awarded to Ted Davis, Pemma Nissanka and Jordan Halligan-Bunce.






The formula 2s were next out on track, race one had to be stopped to remove and restart Gary Davenports car after he spun out on lap three, one lap into the restart Mikey Booths accelerator jammed open sending him hard into the fence and ending his nights racing with a badly damaged car. Dougie Kinrade won the restarted race from Dave Sutcliffe, Kevin Hooper, Paul Fearn and Gary Davenport. Race two Sutcliffe couldn’t be caught and took the chequered flag from Hooper, Kinrade and Fearn. The OLCF trophies were awarded to Dave Sutcliffe, Dougie Kinrade and Kevin Hooper.





With 12 cars lined up on the track for race one of the bangers there was plenty of action, the race was stopped to remove stricken cars from the track. James Cain made his season debut taking the lead in the restarted race which was cut short when Ashley Harrison came together with Jason Collister sending Colister's car up on to the safety fence causing much damage to both car and fence. Cain was awarded the victory with Collister second and Steven Guest third. Race two was won by Dan Moore from Nick Collister and Cain. The OLCF trophies were awarded to Cain, Moore and Guest.





The production rods provided plenty of fast, close racing with Tina Quayle spinning out on the start finish line in race one, the other drivers did well to negotiate Quayles car. Davey Craine won the race from Robert Hooper and Nick Ford. Race two saw Hooper take the victory from Craine and top lady driver was Sarah Wass. The OLCF trophies were awarded to Robert Hooper, Davey Craine and Nick Ford.





Two meetings next week, Monday 29th May and Thursday 1st June starting at 7:30pm.


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