Report 29th July 2017


Tonights meeting was kindly sponsored by Mann Construction LTD





Saturday evenings Stockcar race meeting provided fast and furious all action entertainment!

The final leg of the P20375922_10154585804747175_5745009096707965987_nepsi Manx Open Championship saw #2 Anth Burrell from County Durham join the Formula 2 competitors, with 3 points separating 1st and 2nd and just 2 points the difference between 3rd , 4th and 5th, action was guaranteed. #980 James Yule won race 1 from fellow Scot. #480 Garry Sime with #164 Dougie Kinrade 3rd . Garry Sime closing Dougie Kinrades lead to 2 points. Race 2 saw a huge crash involving #184 Aaron Vaight on the last lap, both cars of Aaron Vaight and James Yule were launched airborne. Lancashires Steve Smith#299 won from Garry Sime and Dougie Kinrade with James Yule finishing 4th. The final race of the Manx Open series saw Kinrade lead Sime by one point, both drivers clashed early on, debris on the track from a spectacular crash and spin performed by Yule on the back straight required a complete restart, Sime in a damaged car challenged Kinrade but suffered more damage and retired from the race, #115 Mike Boo18951339_10154585803352175_6045838706899401166_nth clashed with the barrier ending his race on his side which meant another race stoppage to remove his stricken car to safety. The action was so intense only 5 cars completed race distance, Steve Smith won from Dougie Kinrade, #7 Kevin Hooper, #503 David Sutcliffe and #751 Les Smart. With the series points totalled Dougie Kinrade was declared the winner and received the replica Manx Sword of State trophy from Garry Sime in 2nd and James Yule 3rd. The eventful week was completed with the traditional Minty Shield race, cars gridded in a closed grid format Steve Smith led but was hounded by David Sutcliffe who challenged for the lead on the last lap, Smith held on to win and retain the shield having won the race in 2016, and began his victory lap running around the banked track with The Minty Shield and chequered flag held high.




Four heats f20294484_10154585823017175_3271358308583335047_nor the visiting National Ministox drivers ensured that the 1st Round of the MANN CONSTRUCTION MINISTOX T.T. began with very close competitive racing. Race 1 saw #1 Charlie Guinchard win from #381 Tyrone Evans and #405 Josh Hampstead. Race 2 another very competitive event saw leader Charlie Guinchard pushed wide by #392 Lewis Evans, with Charlie out wide Lewis and the chasing pack of cars passed Guinchard on the inside relegating him to joint 5th place crossing the finish line with #798 Finn Sargent the two cars side by side. Lewis Evans won from twin brother Tyrone , #124 Kyle Gray, and #613 Chloe Serpell ( a special mention to Chloe and her family having travelled the furthest to race at Onchan, travelling from their home in Plymouth Devon !) Race 3 saw Josh Hampstead overcome early leader #53 Roger Stansfield, Charlie Guinchard closed Josh down taking the lead to win on the last lap, Josh finished 2nd with Lewis Evans 3rd. Charlie Guinchard made his way from the back of the grid and won race 4, but was closely followed all the way by the Evans twins Lewis ahead of Tyrone and the chasing pack.





Manx Ministox. Ted Davis won all 3 ministox races for our local drivers, but had to work hard chased closely by the other drivers. The Mann Construction trophies were presented to :- 1st Ted Davis, 2nd Harry Watson, 3rd Josh Watson.






Next meeting is Monday 31st July starting at 7.30pm featuring the last round of the National Ministox, Bangers and the Production Rods.



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