The fully race prepared ministox and all safety equipment are provided along with tuition, from starting off, to changing gears, race craft and race condition simulation.

Tuition takes place at Onchan Raceway on selected evenings throughout the summer and at weekends during the winter.

The idea behind the school is to give children between the ages 10 to 16 years old, a chance to learn to drive in a safe and controlled environment. Then if they wish and their driving skills and race craft are such they can then arrange to hire the ministox and enter one of the race meetings.

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The one hour lessons cost 40 and are pre booked.

Cost of hiring the ministox to compete is 50 with a 50 deposit against any damage to the car. Meetings are pre booked also. For more information please call Paul Fearn 07624 388401.



Ministox School was established in 2006 and since the 2009 season every Ministox driver has come through Ministox School. Ryan Henderson racing number # 95 and Emily Grimshaw #400 were the first two students into Ministox School Ryan was 13 years old and Emily was 1P90602212 years old. P1010061Reaching 16 Emily passed her driving test while Ryan has become twice Banger Champion.

It was Ryan’s last season in 2009 as he had reached the age of 16, and he certainly finished his year in style winning overall Ministox champion.


 Emily Grimshaw #400  won the 2010 Points Championship to get her name on that most important trophy.


IP9060212n 2007 we saw another two of our popular drivers that can be seen out on the track on aP9060223 regular basis. Luke Dawson #777 and Alex Callister formally #118 . Both lads started in the same year Luke being 11 and Alex 12. The pair of them have matured into talented drivers with Luke only just piping Alex to the post in the very last race of 2009 to claim 2nd place overall with Alex coming 3rd just 2 points short . Between the four of these though they all raced in Whites and Yellows when they first started and between them have had nearly as many podium finishes than their combined ages!

Luke continued racing and became joint winnerof the Ministox Points Championship with #20 Jack Sayle in 2011.

Luke reached 16, and moved into the more powerful Formula 2s and proved a capable driver.

Alex has had time away from racing, prefering to help rather than race. But he did jointly win the 2014 end of season Demolition Derby.

#101 first F2 race win 28 7 14

In 2008 saw our immaculately turned out driver and car of all seasons Cliona Collins #101. Cliona was one of the youngest to start learning at the age of 10 and spent her first season as a novice, then made her way up through the grades. Cliona came 3rd overall in the Whites and Yellows Championship in 2009.

2010 saw Cliona promoted to Blue roof and 3rd overall in the Points, in 2011 Red grade and 2nd in the Points Championship

Since then Cliona dominated Ministox winning the Sword of State trophy on three occasions and the 2012 and 2013 Points Championships.

Instead of defending her title in 2014, Cliona waited until she turned 16 to begin what is turning out to be a sucessful Formula 2 career. Cliona ended the 2014 season 4th in the Formula 2 Points Championship.



 2009 was a busy year for the Ministox school. 6 drivers were taught how to handle the mini’s out on the track with all the experienced ones. Rory Mc Cann #184, Will Oldland #666, Jamie Burket #11, Owen Black-kay #174, Lewis Dawson #25, and Max Astley #7. Owen, Lewis and Max although were taught in 2009 made their debut out on the track at our opening meeting on the 25th April 2010 . Rory had the best first year of all with being overall winner of White and Yellows Championship plus Sword of State Champion of 2009. Rory has since moved onto the Karting and is no longer racing Ministox.



Will Oldland also had a good opening year with coming 2nd Overall in Whites and Yellows but at the age of 15 he is already well over 6ft has had to pack the Ministox in due the size of the car. He did however return briefly in the Production Rod class.

 Jamie won the Ministox Whites and Yellows Championship in 2010 and finished 3rd in the White and Yellows Championship in 2011, by this time he had acheived Blue grade.

Jamie retired from Ministox racing in 2012 and as yet he has still to make his track return.


#174 Owen Black-Kay began his short but sucessful Ministox career in 2010, winning the Whites and Yellows Championship in 2011 and achieving Red roof in 2012, before retiring when he and his family moved to Scotland.

In 2010 we saw Adam Quayle #536, Jordan Corkish #88 and Jack Sayle #20 hire the #51 mini. There has been several other drivers that have been taught in Ministox School but are not racing full time. I.e. Luke Tunney originally started learning in 2006 with Emily and Ryan and was seen out in the #51 hire car in 2009 as well as his brother Ross Tunney. Jo Griffin and Christian Cunningham also hired #51 car to get a feel what it is really like out on that racing track!


PICT0083PICT0043 (2)2PICT0072


Jack had a very eventful Ministox career, which saw him perform some big roll overs, but in 2012 he won the season long Points Championship, Jack turned his hand to Banger racing when he reached 16, entertaining the crowd and reaching Red grade. 

5 5 14 2

#25 Lewis Dawson younger brother of Luke #777 began his Ministox career in 2010, he finished 2nd in the 2011 Whites and Yellows Championship, 2011 also saw the #25 Mini with a Blue roof, 3rd place in the Points Championship at the end of 2012. A Red roof was also attained with 3rd place in the 2013 Points Championship. 2014 saw Lewis complete his last season in Ministox before turning 16 years old.




#799  9 8 14

RossTunney #799 bought the Mini off Rory McCann and soon raced through the grades. In 2010 Ross claimed 3rd in the Whites and Yellows Championship. 2011 saw a Red roof on the #799 mini and 3rd place in the overall Points Championship.

Second place finishes in 2012 and 2013 Points were foundations for 2014 Ross’s most sucessful when he won the Ministox Points title.


26 7 14 ministox 1 2 3


#4 Orla Fox joined the Ministox drivers in 2011 ending the season in joint 2nd (with Lewis Dawson) in the Whites and Yellows Championship. In 2012 Orla won the Whites and Yellows out right , 2013 saw Orla promoted to Blue roof, but had scored enough points before been up graded to take 3rd in the Whites and Yellows Championship.



Twins Eedin #94 and Orry #941 Kennaugh also began racing in 2011, sharing the car originally raced by #536 Adam Quayle.

For 2012 a second car was bought and immaculately prepared, it had been previously raced by #9 Craig Lemair and was #20 Jack Sayle’s first car. Eedin and Orry finished joint 3rd in the 2012 Whites andMinistox Sword of State winner #94 Yellows Championship

2013 saw Eedin win the Whites and Yellows Championship.

In 2014 the Kennaugh racing team had its best season yet, Eedin now with a Red roof won the Ministox Sword of State Championship and finished 2nd in the overall Points. Orry overcame mechanical problems to finish the season well claiming second in the Whites and Yellows Championship to start 2015 with a Blue roof. #19 ladies winner 26 7 14




2012 saw three girls take up the Ministox Challenge, both #19 Marie Craine and #400 Miranda Roberts were 15 years old so only had the one season racing. Miranda finished 2nd in the Whites and Yellows Championship. Both Miranda and Marie have since moved up to Production Rods.12 5 14 1



Kayleigh Cannell #204 began in 2012, returned from a big crash taking 2nd in the 2013 Whites and Yellows Championship and finished the 2014 season in 3rd place and starts 2015 with a Red roof.





 Danny Warburton #816 began racing in 2013 earning himself Newcommer of the Year.

 2014 was a season of highs and lows. Big crashes and a spectacular barrel roll kept the team busy all summer. A yellow roof and 1st in the Whites and Yellows Championship were their rewards.


During the winter of 2013 the Ministox school taught eight youngsters to drive with five deciding to race full time.#51  4 8 14


Ted Davis liked the #51 so much he asked for this to be his racing number, he began racing the original #50 hire car which was used to teach #95 Ryan Henderson, #400 Emily Grimshaw and #777 Luke Dawson back in 2009 and previously owned by #666 Will Oldland and #7 Max Astley. He then changed to the car #25 Lewis Dawson began his Ministox career with now brightly painted orange.



#33  4 8 14


 #33 Kieron Shimmin began 2014 as a novice in the immaculately prepared car that #20 Jack Sayle had last raced. Kieron began steady but soon became confident, claiming 3rd in the Whites and Yellows Championship and awarded Newcommer of the Year 2014.



 Jack Dobson #324 began the 2014 season hiring the Ministox school car but decided to race full time and bought the car. It was the second hire car which was originally painted Blue and #51.

 A regular point scorer at 10 years old he has a long Ministox career ahead.




Our youngest drivers of 2014 (having turned 10 in the February) were twins Harry and Josh Watson, both shared the Mini which #174 Owen Black-Kay had achieved Red top with. Harry racing #17 with Josh changing to number #27 for the following meeting. Both sucessfully completed their first season in 2014.


 20 7 15 003



For the 2015 season, the #25 Lewis Dawson ministox was purchased and brought into service as the new hire car.



6 7 15 001



Pemma Nissanka and Connor Bailey-Bridson both completed Ministox lessons and raced with the other drivers. Connor became a full time competitor buying the ex Emily Grimshaw mini also keeping Emily’s racing number #400





We would like to wish all our Ministox drivers the very best of luck for the future
and thank Andy of Window Wizard for sponsoring the Ministox Championships.




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