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Welcome To The Onchan Raceway Website

Onchan Raceway is the home of Stock car racing on the Isle of Man

Regular weekly meetings are held throughout the summer season, which begins in late April and ends with the traditional end of Season Demolition Derby in early September.

July is always a busy month when we invite visiting drivers from all parts of the U.K to compete in various Championships.

This website keeps both race fans and drivers updated with, the season’s Fixture List, Rules and Regulations for each class that races at Onchan, Championship points standings, Race Reports, and the latest Track News.

Upcoming and current events

Round Date Time Event Description
1 April 8, 2023 6pm  
2 April 13, 2023 7pm 1300 Stockcar Manx open championship/Ninja kart Manx open championship
3 April 15, 2023 6pm 1300 Stockcar Manx open championship/Ninja kart Manx open championship
4 April 16, 2023 1pm 1300 Stockcar Manx open championship/Ninja kart Manx open championship
5 April 29, 2023 6pm  
6 May 13, 2023 6pm  
7 June 3, 2023 6pm Car jump
8 June 24, 2023 6pm Tow anything races
9 July 8, 2023 6pm  
10 July 27, 2023 7pm Manx Open Stox karts championship
11 July 29, 2023 6pm Manx Open Stox karts championship
12 July 30, 2023 1pm Manx Open Stox karts championship
13 August 3, 2023 7pm National mini stocks
14 August 5, 2023 6pm National mini stocks
15 August 6, 2023 1pm National mini stocks
16 September 7, 2023 7pm Manx open Banger championship
17 September 9, 2023 6pm Manx open Banger championship
18 September 10, 2023 1pm Manx open Banger championship/demolition derby


Admission Prices

Meeting Tickets

  • Adults – £7
  • Senior Citizens – £3
  • Children – £3
  • Family Ticket (2 adults up to 4 kids) – £20

Season Tickets

  • Adults – £100
  • Senior Citizens – £50
  • Children – £50

For more details on how to purchase a season ticket please call, 07624 432232.

Race Guide

There is plenty of seating available with two covered grandstands as well as concrete terracing and grassed viewing area. You can purchase hot food and drinks from our purpose-built catering unit and sit back, relax and enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

Starting in late April and throughout the summer weekly race meetings are held in Onchan Stadium. There are different classes that race at each meeting, see website information for more details.

At first glance it may resemble organized chaos, “it is” until you have attended a few meetings. Then you begin to pick out your favorite driver and are able to follow the racing and know who is winning.

Drivers score points by finishing a race, 6 points for a race win 5 points for 2nddown to 1 point for the 6thplace finisher. Every 5 meetings the points are added together and regrading takes place. Unlike other forms of motorsport the more points a driver scores the further back on the grid they start each race.

The starting grades are denoted by the cars roof color:-

While being a newcomer/novice. Yellow, Blue, and Red roofs are the most successful. Silver denotes the previous season’s Points Champion.

Onchan Raceway still providing Entertainment for all the Families since 1969.

On that note, we hope you enjoy your time at Onchan Raceway and look forward to seeing you again.

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