Who We Are

The Whitehead family :-  Jack, Marjorie, John and Gary with the help of a loyal band of Track Staff many of the track staff are ex racers themselves, have promoted Stock Car racing here on the Isle of Man since 1992. We are also the longest serving Promoters in the U.K.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Hogg Rescue and the St John Ambulance who offer medical first aid cover on and off the track and without them we would be unable to hold a race meeting.

About Onchan Raceway

Onchan Raceway is the home of Stock car Racing on the Isle of Man.

Regular weekly meetings are held throughout the summer season, which begins in late April and ends with the traditional end of Season Demolition Derby in late September.

July is always a busy month when we invite visiting drivers from all parts of the U.K to compete in various Championships.

  • June 9, 1969

    First Ever Race

    The first ever Stock car race on the Isle of Man was held here at Onchan Stadium.

  • Spring 1982

    Steel plate safety fence erected

    Promoters Jake Cade and John Stockdale erected the steel plate safety fence around both corners and along the back straight. Replacing the old steel rope and post fencing which caused lots of damage to cars if they hit it.

  • August 1987

    John met Jake Cade

    John Whitehead met Jake Cade while racing at the Formula 2 World Final meeting at Skegness. Jake invited him across to race his F2 with the local drivers at three meetings in September when the V8 Hot Stox were racing.

  • January 1992

    We bought business from Jake

    After many racing visits to the Island we bought the business off Jake.

  • May 1992

    John’s first race as a Promoter

    John’s first race as a Promoter, he finished 2nd but crossed the finish line unconscious after hitting the safety barrier exiting turn 4.

  • March 1993

    Gary bought the self drive Go Kart business

    Gary bought the self drive Go Kart business, which he still operates on the Stock car track. Open daily from 11 am throughout the summer. Tel  07624 432 232  for further details.
  • April 1993

    Stadium Improvements

    Improvements around the Stadium began with the Introduction of a mobile catering food outlet. Ministox were introduced allowing children aged 10 to 16 years old the opportunity to race armored Austin Rover 1000cc Minis.

  • Winter 1996 / Spring 1997

    Track Resurfaced

    Major improvements saw the 400m oval tarmac track resurfaced along with the addition of new catch fence, steel plating was also erected along the start / finish straight.

  • 2007

    Minimoto’s available to public

    Minimoto’s were also added to the list of activities available to the general public. 

  • 2009

    New Track Entrance

    A new pit / track entrance gate was built.

  • 2009

    Production Rods Introduced

    Production Rods were introduced as a new class.  

  • 2010

    Improvements to catch fencing

    More improvements to the catch fencing were made.

  • 2010

    New Catering Outlet Built

    A new purpose-built Catering outlet was built to cater for the spectator’s hunger and thirst.

  • 2011

    Addition of the Awesome Monster Truck

    Successful addition of the Awesome Monster Truck, which is available for rides around the outer track.

  • 12/04/2015


    JACK WHITEHEAD   7. 9. 1934   to  12. 4. 2015  Suddenly while returning from a family holiday, Jack died in Frankfurt Germany.

  • 29/10/2017


    MARJORIE  WHITEHEAD  14. 1. 1935   to 29. 10. 2017  Marjorie died peacefully in here sleep

  • 2019

    50th Anniversary

    A special year as we Celebrate the 50thAnniversary of Stock car Racing on the Isle of Man.

    Onchan Raceway is now the longest running Stock car track in Europe.

    Micro Formula 2’s, Heritage Formula 2’s and modern day Formula 2’s will all be in action in July so spectators can see how Stock Cars have developed over the years.


  • 2020

    Junior Rods introduced

    JUNIOR RODS  a non contact Hot Rod type class of racing introduced to replace the Ministox class. Enabling children aged 10 to 16 to start their racing career.

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